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The objectives of the REMO project are

  • to promote regional mobility of persons in vocational education and training (VET) in Europe, and
  • to secure the quality and efficiency of vocational education and training mobility through appropriate and manageable tools,,
  • to increase the number of people in work through cooperation between initial and continuing vocational education and training and the world of work
  • by focusing on the transparency of skills and competences..

For this reason, an online platform and a network will be developed to enable all those involved in vocational education and training to inform themselves, to inform third parties and to connect and exchange information with others for the planning and implementation of mobility (learning and work mobility). The online platform will provide opportunities and tools for the planning, organisation and implementation of VET mobility for people in initial VET, VET organisations and the world of work.

The required steps to reach these goals

  • the implementation of a baseline study, as we want to develop a platform that meets the needs of all target groups,
  • the development of ISO 9001:2008 coherent process descriptions taking into account the 10 key process descriptions of the European Quality Charter for Mobility and the standards and requirements of the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET),
  • the establishment of an online platform as an exchange and interaction environment containing the developed ISO 9001:2008 coherent process descriptions for mobility, and
  • the establishment of a network of stakeholders and interested organisations to provide a sustainable structure for cooperation between the participating organisations in the REMO project and beyond.

The primary goals of REMO are

  • Sending organisations in the field of vocational education and training
  • Host organisations in the field of vocational education and training
  • persons undergoing initial vocational training
  • political decision-makers in the field of vocational education and training
  • representatives of employees and employers
  • regional development organisations and experts.
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Projekts REMO
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